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  • i'm sweet dandelion moonbaby becca. 19. cis. pan. i hail from the land of the long white cloud [aotearoa nz aka middle earth & narnia in one place]. sylph of mind.
  • shit you will find here: fandom shit(recovering homestuck, RTD era Doctor Who, Harreeeee Pawtter, Labyrinth, etc etc etc), pretty dresses and shit, art reference and inspiration shit, political shit, angry feminist shit, cute shit, brutal shit, shit that cannot even be named, shit that arises from the void when you sleep and curls its way into your lungs, haunting shit, eternal shit, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

  • So I started Steampunkstuck trolls just because… legitimate raisins… and

    Kanaya: seamstress who has always harboured a desire to move into the upper echelons of society; certainly one of the noble favourites for a dapper getup. One classy lady. In fact she is oftentimes classier than most of her so-callled ‘superiors’.

    Tavros[heyy where did my crappy photo of his painting go?]: aspiring author, who once intended to become a cartographer but was crippled in a expedition and hey hey has a typewriter on his wheelchair so yay.

    Vriska [unfinished]: a practising medic of dubious methods. Nothing more need be said here.

    Equius: engineer, black/leather/gold/ALLOFTHETHINGS-smith, mechanic, crazy bastard mashup of a gladiator and a zeppelin mechanic. Stoic.

    Nepeta: streetchild who will grow up to be the most fearsomely daredevilish aviatrix on the planets. Gets her ‘culture’ on around Equius, who seems all too happy to supply her with the endless thigh-high boots she so adores despite his claims that they lack ‘subtlety’.

    Karkat [unfinished]: the angriest paperboy you could imagine. He still speaks in caps. Wears a tall hat to compensate for his nubbly horns.

    Feferi[finished but no photo yet]: barmaid, affectionate to everybody which hjas earned her something of a… reputattion especially as she often takes up invitations for singing up on stage and…dancing… in the gin joints she frequents. That sais, she’s all responsibility; her pa’s the underbelly tycoon of the city and she wields an enormous emount of power beyond the flirtatious facade.

    Eridan: amateur magician-slash-inventor. Lives on Old Money and generally wastes most of his time unsuccessfully chasing skirts. The current apple in his eye is Feferi, “wwho poured love potion into his wwhisky” from the start, serving him when he was drinking alone at the bar. Incredibly jealous of Sollux who not only has Fef’s genuine affection but is a far superior inventor.

    Sollux: wears tinted goggles to extend the dimensions of his vision for delicate work; his specialty is tiny machines a la music boxes and doll-sized automata. Owns a toy shop and, as Equius grunts, ‘wastes’ his mechanical talent on putting his complex creations into stuffed bears and incredibly cheery wooden horses. Equius has built up a reasonable collection of these equine figurines.

    Aradia: Mysterious Priestess. Raised in a temple from an early age, every time her childhood friends see her she has become more ethereal, all-knowing and downright perplexing. She seems to be well aware of this effect. Instead of donning the normal temple garb, though, as her studies make her more inclined to seek out the answers through more barbaric, ancient traditions, she seems to immerse herself in the costume of each, to the extent that nobody is quite sure which time frame she is living in anymore, let alone what she believes in. The Mother Superior, Matriarch of the Ages, is frightened of her. gods only know what this will mean when she settles on a path.

    Terezi: the Law. Patriotic to the bone, a big fan of Justice, and very keen on weaponry. She has a sword concealed inside her cane. She claims she can taste crime in the air and has certainly licked the blood off enough still-warm corpses in her time; however she cannot be fired from the force because frankly, my dear, she’s just too good; also, Terezi just doesn’t give a damn and will keep DOING that crime-fighting thing anyway. The best they can do is make her plainclothes and a ‘special detective’ to disassociate her from the ‘real’ police force as much as possible. She is banned from the morgue for another solar sweep.

    Gamzee: an ex-convict, shipped back from Australia after enough sweeps of riding bouncy pouchbeasts to sell his sopor drogs across every state of the continent to have developed an Aussie accent. His real speciality is cooking, however; his face is smothered at all times with a crust of flour; and he swears he’s completely reformed from his soporific days. Kind of. There’s  just something about the pies at his bakery that just keeps ‘em all coming back for more…

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